Третья волна зомби (2018) (The Cured)

The cure is just the beginning
Драма / Ужас / Н/Ф • 95 минут
В ролях: Ellen Page Sam Keeley Tom Vaughan-Lawlor Stuart Graham Amy De Bhrún Lesley Conroy Chelsea Debo Natalia Kostrzewa и другие.
Director: David Freyne Writer: David Freyne Director of Photography: Piers McGrail Producer: Ellen Page Rachael O'Kane Rory Dungan Editor: Chris Gill Original Music Composer: Niall Kennedy Rory Friers
Выпущен • 23 февраля 2018 г.

What happens when the undead return to life? In a world ravaged for years by a virus that turns the infected into zombie-like cannibals, a cure is at last found and the wrenching process of reintegrating the survivors back into society begins.

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A.K.A. DE: The Cured: Infiziert. Geheilt. Verstoßen.  IE: The Third Wave  PT: Os Curados  RU: Третья волна зомби